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But is the Word of God the Standard for Churches?

gufThis just across the email transom.

The churches around the world are going to be united by apostles. Not the kind appointed of Jesus Christ of course, but self-appointed men who find comfort in the number “twelve.”

“Three weeks ago, the birth of Global United Fellowship (GUF), under the leadership of the Founder and Presiding Bishop Designate, Neil C. Ellis, was announced to the world.”

To the world? Wow. You guys must be important.

But the world could care less. Even less than the churches.

These men, all apostles (wink, wink) want your attention, loyalty, smiles, and hey, some money wouldn’t hurt either as they seek to take dominion over the world. Bwah hah hah hah.

atlantisDominion starts in Jerusalem in the Bahamas at The Atlantis Resort this November. It offers a world-class spa with masseuse therapy for stressed out bishops:

“A Service of Episcopal Institution and Inauguration will be held on Wednesday, November 6, 2013, in the Grand Ball Room at The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island with Archbishop J. Delano Ellis as Chief Celebrant. Con-Celebrants are Archbishop Alfred Owens and Presiding Bishop Kenneth Ulmer.”

It’s better when read slowly. “Con Celebrants.”

tablesWhen they are finished celebrating themselves they can sashay over to the Atlantis Casino, pictured here:

When Jesus taught his twelve apostles to pray, “Thy Kingdom come” did He mean slot machines, massages, and roulette?

They say, in their five sentence (!) statement of faith, “The Word of God is the standard for both the family and the nations and should not be compromised.” Pot calling kettle, “hello?”

But you guys left out the churches, dudes? Isn’t the word of God the standard for the churches? You guys have no clue that everything you are claiming is already showing staggering compromise with the teaching of the word of God on the church.

The world could care less. Christians are hassled.

Satanic nonsense, stealing the money from the poor and undiscerning, who give it to men appointed to eternal doom.

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