HomeImage-4AWhy are the churches so fractured? In a word? Pride.

The presence of churches fractured from each other in your city or town displays human pride, not people who are Christ’s followers. Different people like different kinds of churches, end of story.

But God reveals in His word that He wants but one church in every locale that opposes human pride by revealing His Son’s self-denying crucifixion. Its a crucifixion that saves a people who produce the fruits of humility. Such people are the church, and such a church shows the fruit of His crucifixion.

What is that fruit? It is a church that stands against fracture with an obedient commitment to love all those saved by that cross. It works to unify Christians in one local church in every place so all the saved who live there may obey all the Bible.

God Himself opposes pride and exalts the humble. Therefore, every church that calls itself ‘true’ but disobeys His command “to love one another” is just another group of proud, disobedient people who haven’t humbled themselves under the cross of Christ.

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