Commenting Guidelines

You are welcome to comment with a pseudonym so long as you keep it kind. If you want to be aggressive, I’ll ask you to use your real name. Also, no religious titles such as Father _________, or Pastor _________, or Apostle _________.

Don’t get me wrong, titles have their place. But this web site isn’t that place. I welcome people from all backgrounds and levels of maturity, so we’ll forego the titles that our own religious groups may grant us.

I allow comments to post immediately so feel free to have a go at it, but don’t be overly anxious for a response to your comment once it is posted. We all prefer substance to cleverness or snarkiness and would rather learn from your understanding of Scripture than your wit.

We’re also busy. Or perhaps we’re amazed at the wisdom of your post and we’re taking time to give you a thoughtful response.

All threads veer off topic as more and more people post and respond. We won’t sweat it too much, but will close a thread if it repeatedly offends with the sins of slander and rudeness.