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The Brand-Marks of Jesus

“From now on let no one cause trouble for me, for I bear on my body the brand-marks of Jesus” (Gal. 6:17).

Image result for stigmata paulThis is Paul’s final word in Galatians to the false teachers – and it ends the letter where it began – with the uncompromising sound of apostolic authority.

In distinction from monastaried monks and secluded nuns who claim to bear the marks of Jesus, Paul got his marks by persecution, not false mortification. Paul got his marks by preaching truth, not going on mystical journeys in his mind.

And so the readers of this majestic epistle has a choice to make by the end of Gal. 6:17. You either go with Paul and beleive in the gospel of justification by faith alone, or off you go with the false teachers.

One either embraces justification by faith from the heart, and the world is crucified to you and you to the world. Or one embrace himself, and imagines himself succeeding at the bar of God’s justice on the final Day.

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