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Why Should He Go Forward?

Image result for via dolorosaConsider the glory of Jesus Christ for a moment. On the way to His crucifixion He stumbles and falls, physically spent. The deep-flesh scourgings, which followed face slaps and a night spent standing upright through six different trials, have worn Him down. Under the weight of the cross-member, He stumbles. He is likely wounded further by the fall, having lost all strength to carry Himself a step forward.

Why should He go forward? This would have been the perfect time to summon the twelve legions of angels, or otherwise lay down and go no further, so He might not to go to the cross. Who of us, when taken to physical exhaustion, doesn’t serve ourselves in order to be relieved from continuing agony?ut no, there is no self-pity, no hatred for the soldiers, no self preservation. The patibulum is placed on a passerby, and the Atoning Sacrifice regathers enough strength to reach His goal. He stands up and walks forward. This is no innocent scapegoat who runs away to live another day, but our Righteous Man who forges ahead to His self-sacrifice.

This is the Jesus Christ whose entire Being pursued the cross… and attained it. He offered Himself as a spent but righteous Man, and was slain by the Father. This is the Jesus Christ who wanted the cross more than anything else on earth.

He got it, and through it, attained the Father’s resurrection and our redemption.


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